Sunday, July 25, 2010

sorry boys..........

Diva Cup, originally uploaded by Freedom & Liberty.
i know this is personal. and, boys, feel free to move on to your next favorite blog and return here next week...........

besides being a bit personal, it's not very vibram or primal. well. but, it is. it falls under "sustainable living" and "smaller carbon footprint." and, when something is life changing, it needs to be shared. even celebrated.

God bless the diva cup.

i have known of the diva cup for years. you know, it's one of those things you'll see or hear about, but then, time goes on. in my defense, i did take birth control continuously for years, therefore avoiding any monthly cycle at all. nonetheless, i can't believe it took me so long to join the diva cup club.

now i am here to share with you how amazing it is! if you aren't using the diva cup (or moon cup or whatever else is out there...)....... go get one. for heaven's sakes for earth's sakes already!

the diva cup is a silicone cup that you insert vaginally and replaces having to use pads or tampons. you can wear it up to 12 hours at a time. it is "leak proof." everything i read about it raved about how easy, how comfortable and how great it was for sports / active lifestyles. i was hesitant and even grossed out at the thought of the diva cup at first. until i tried it.

i bought the size 2 diva cup from central market grocery store in dallas just days before i started this month's cycle. i read the instructions completely. well, the instructions in english. i also got online and found some discussion groups and forums. they helped with expectations and user tips. i would say, if you are comfortable with tampons, you should be comfortable with the diva cup.

the first few days were learning curve days..... just getting comfortable with how to insert the cup, where does it go, is it working, etc. i did trim the tip of my cup on day 2. that helped. it does sit low in the vagina, not up high near the cervix. once it's inserted, it creates a "seal."

i like the "7" insertion technique. around day 3, everything sort of clicked. fold, insert, rotate, double check and ..... voila. it was in. it was comfortable. it was safe. no leaks. in fact, i was way surprised how not messy it was. weird, right?

huge advantage is that in can be left in place 12 hours at a time. oh man, is that convenient! so, i placed it in the morning. removed it before bed. washed it, placed it back, and was good until morning.

and....... think of how earth friendly using diva cup is??? you are saving tons of waste from tampons and pads. and saving tons of $$$. ok, the initial investment fee buying your diva cup might seem a little steep, but really, in the long run, you and i both know we'll be saving money.

not that i (or anyone) ever looks forward to having a period, but at least i know i have my little diva cup waiting to make my life just the tiniest bit easier...... and tiny smaller carbon foot print......... and i can do yoga without worry. :-D

happy sunday!!!
vibram girl.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

10th year anniversary!!!

10th year anniversary, originally uploaded by *** coleyB ***.
well, besides trying to move and play and live a primal lifestyle, i am also happily married. vibram boy and i were married 10 years ago...... technically not until thursday, july 22. but, we celebrated this weekend!!

we spent the night at a hotel in downtown dallas and had some lovely r & r........... which, really is an important part of the primal living idea. :)

we stayed at the crescent hotel. they knew we were celebrating our 10th anniversary and they treated us like royalty!!

the champagne and chocolate cake were in our room on arrival. :D

we took a yoga class friday afternoon. we got all checked in with only minutes to spare before class starting. but, we made it.

also, i was able to get a facial at a discount for a "same day service." oh man, i have had only one other facial before. totally worth it.

lather on some moisturizer..... wipe it off........ hot towel.......... more moisturizing.............more moisturizing............wipe it off towel............repeat x 6.

my skin did look really good. hm. how to keep it looking that good? weekly facials, right?

raspberry lemonade-ish.

finally, dinner. we had a lovely dinner at the crescent club. we had window seats and had amazing views of downtown dallas. drinks first. then dinner. the food was good. really good. it was quiet. romantic.

lucky texan

dallas out a window.

we had room service bring us breakfast saturday morning. oh man. i love room service. it's the first time i've had them wheel in the dining table. silver serving trays and all. oh i just loved it.

room service.

i spent the rest of the morning at the spa...........aaaahhhhh........ a massage. lovely. a pedicure. much needed (you've seen my feet recently.). and a manicure. haven't had one since my wedding. really.

r. and. r.

vibram boy spent the morning reading. in the hotel room. just as relaxing, i'm sure.

after the spa, we went swimming. the pool was gorgeous. had that 60's luxury style going........ loved it. it was a bit crowded. and the water was too warm. still loved it.

the pool.

finally time for check out.............. so we walked a few blocks (forgot that it was 100* outside...... the pool had been so nice.)...... to a cute local coffee shop. crooked tree coffee house. a few drinks and some hummus.

coffee shop date

we made a few more stops in dallas before heading home...... a thrift shop (buffalo exchange) and central market (oh, to live near a central market...... life would be perfect.....).

although our official dallas weekend was over, we had a wonderful dinner at our favorite indian restaurant. and finished off with a few hours at borders. our favorite "routine" date night.

i hope you all found some r & r this week also. i also hope you have someone who loves you as much as vibram boy loves me. i'm a lucky girl.
our 10th anniversary.our 10th anniversary.our 10th anniversary.our 10th anniversary.
happy sunday.
vibram girl..............who loves a little luxury every now and then.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

weigh in wednesday 14 july

sorry about the glare.......... the scale does read 162 lbs. so, i am down 2# this week. that's what's recommended, right? 2#/week? well then, i am right on track.

this is where i am hovering...... 160-164 lbs.

although i am encouraged by the 2# drop, i just have to continue with diligence and weigh in again next week. :)

didn't you love the bike pics?

and, i did paint my toes! a very pale pink. can you tell?

short and sweet.............. happy wednesday.
vibram girl

Monday, July 12, 2010

a lovely evening for a bike ride

his and hers, originally uploaded by *** coleyB ***.


vibram boy and i each have our own electra bicycles. we bought them about 2 years ago. vibram boy's is black. mine is white. his. and hers.

his and hers

i love our bikes. they have the cutest bell..... sounds just like you'd imagine it to.............. "brrriiinnngggg bbrrriinnnngggg" they are the amsterdam classic model. of course, it's because they are literally modeled after old dutch commuter bikes.... pretty much exact replicas.

this is an old bike............
1957 Simplex Cycloïde Crossframe

this evening was a lovely 90* outside, with a breeze. really, it's amazing how nice 90* feels when you are use to the 98*-100*'s! :) so, we rode to oliver's fine foods.......... a super cute local gourmet grocer. we ate burgers ...... primal style.......... no bun, just meat, cheese and jalapenos. and lettuce, onions (and tomatoes for vibram boy). oh! and bacon. mmmm..... everything is better with bacon.

have i mentioned how much i love bacon?

then, we just rode around. like kids. for about 40 min.......... up and down the neighborhood streets, in circles around a parking lot.


care free

it was a good moment to share........... we made the decision to go outside. we could have stayed inside. ate dinner at home (which normally IS the good decision) and watched or a dvd ..... you know what i mean? we went outside to play instead. not a hard, crazy workout. just play. but we were moving and i think that is today's lesson............ go outside. play. move. run. jump. ride. laugh.

another closing thought from curly girl............

happy monday.
vibram girl

p.s. this is my mission statement.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

weigh in wednesday 07 july

weigh in wednesday 07 july

my feet don't look very feminine. hm.
i usually like my feet. i have good arches. cute toes. i better get a pedicure. for next week. :)

i thought it sounded like a good idea 
....................... weigh in wednesday.............. 
it also leaves me very vulnerable. but, hopefully accountable, thus motivated.

so, i think i'll keep the discussion short, but offer an update on weight loss / statistics / etc. since this is our first weigh in wednesday, i'll include more stats than just weight.

height 5’5”
weight 163 lbs.
waist 30 3/4in
hips 41in
thigh 23 3/4in
bicep 12 1/2in

i have lost about 18 lbs since starting to eat primal in february. i have hovered at 163 +/- 3 lbs for about a month. harumph. but, i have had lots of cheating days............ mostly weekends (birthdays, holidays, wedding showers, etc). one week of vacation. 

so there it is. one of the most vulnerable sides of me.

happy wednesday.

Monday, July 5, 2010

happy independence day!!!

well, of course, i would like to wish all of you, dear friends, a happy independence day. i hope you celebrated with friends and family....... and that no damage was done and no one went missing.

we did celebrate with friends and family. actually, my family ...... the parents and brother with girlfriend (darling girl)........ crashed the friends party. it was totally worth it. you should see this pool. whoa. it's good to have friends with nice pools.

once we had worn out our welcome, we returned home for a very non-primal dinner and fireworks..... details on that in a sec. it was at this point, that vibram boy wanted to stay with the other boys at the pool party. i have so far not mentioned the pineapple truth serum, the heineken, miller and rum and cokes. vibram boy does not drink often, but under a little peer pressure....... let's just say we are thankful the boys were safe, no damage was done and no one went missing.

the rest of us, had dinner on our little back patio and watched a lovely display of fireworks from right there! this is the first 4th of july for us in this house. we had no idea. we new the city display would be close, but i was anxious...... waiting to see if we could, in fact, see the fireworks from our house. from the front yard? back yard? roof top? hay field out back? what if we couldn't see them? it would be too late to find someplace where we could. i love fireworks. like i said.......anxious. but, then the first firework was seen ..... directly in front of our back door. sitting on the patio, eating dinner, we had the.perfect.view. oh, it was just perfect. so, i guess, next year we should host an independence day party.


as for vibram life............ i apologize for already being sparse with my posting. i will get my act together and post regularly. my goal is twice a week .......... but, i do ask for minimal expectations as i am just starting this blogging life.

happy monday.