Sunday, June 20, 2010

another week

so a week has quickly gone by. all in all, i have to say it was a good week. it is hot though. yuck!

a quick recap......... we ate pretty well.

we had a super yummy red cabbage, jicama, mint salad. it has kind of an asian zing to it.

we had sausage and spinach. we did go out with my brother one night, but it was a japanese/sushi place......... so, we'll consider it a lesser of the evils. i don't want to bore you with just a menu play by play.

the biggest temptation of the week is yummy, blended coffee drinks (......forgive me pirate coffee, but for a simple example....... think frappuccino). boy drinks iced coffee with a little cream. it's just so bitter to me........ an acquired taste......... i'm working on it. so, slowly weaning myself from the sugary sweet yummy-ness ... i got an iced coffee, with cream, and one shot of hazelnut and one shot of toffee. that' the current compromise.

on friday afternoons we eat lunch at a local bar-b-que place. we get the jalapeno sausage, brisket and broccoli. oh man. so de-lish! then, we go hang out at pirate coffee. it was friday. we went all out.... yummy scallywags for both of us (that's their "frappuccino") and chocolate treats. but, we both paid for it!!! upset tummy's!!! ew. so that's what we get for a sugar, carb, grain overload.

we also started a four week yoga series this week. it's on tuesdays and thursdays. baron baptiste style.....  it's a 75 min class in a 90 degree room. i haven't done yoga in about a year and boy has only done a handful of classes, period. it was good. it felt good. the heat lets you stretch just a little more. i slept like a rock on tuesday. and thursday.

funny story............. we went for a walk around the neighborhood (suburbia, by the way) around 7 am a few days ago. barefoot. just a 20 min walk. another neighbor was out running. i said, "maybe he's barefoot too." boy said, "we'd be best friends." ....... go on........ guess.......... he was totally barefoot. awesome. boy did not talk to him and become best friends. maybe next time though.

like i said, all in all a good week. we followed a primal eating pretty well. let's say 70% maybe a smidge better than that. and started to move a little.......... we have big plans, but we are easing into things. i would like to have moved more this week (we talked about doing sprints one day, but alas.... it didn't happen). but, here we are facing a new week. new decisions. new opportunities.

i'll leave with you this (from curly girl)............

happy sunday,
vibram girl.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

first day as a vibram girl.....

so, friday, june 11, i bought my first pair of vibrams. well, WE bought our first pair of vibramS. i bought blue "kso's" and my boy bought gray/green "kso's" and gray/blue "sprints." i can't believe he got 2 pairs!

buying our vibrams was the inspiration behind starting our new adventure in primal living..... which led to my public commitment to talk about it on blogworld.

and what better way to start then to hit the trails....... a lovely 3 hour hike on a humid saturday morning. a tip i'd like to share with all of you...... hiking 101......... bring water. proof that we are starting at the beginning. the plan was for a leisurely 1 hour walk.  i mean, 3 hour hike. on every trail around the lake. this was not by intention....... but, we did have a lovely time. did i mention the humidity? did i mention we forgot to bring water? i'm surprised we got out of there alive.

how's that for breaking in a pair of shoes!

we have been reading about the primal lifestyle since february 2010. we read and have read "the primal blueprint" by mark sisson. we started eating primal...... but, it hasn't been an easy change. somedays we do really well, and well, somedays i find myself eating pizza..... oh, i do love pizza.

i will say, that even being (generously estimating) 70% primal, i have lost 18 lbs. i have always had a hard time losing weight.

we did some cross fit training about 2 years ago. but, for emphasis, i'd like to share that i was keeping a food journal, eating healthy by "conventional" standards, and doing cross fit, sometimes with 2 workouts a day. i maintained good habits for 6 months and lost 10 lbs. blergh. i felt good and got stronger and endurance improved, but the weight just wouldn't come off.

this time, i lost 18 lbs without working out and in only 3 months. now, just imagine, if i bump up my eating plan to 80% primal AND working out........ watch out jillian michaels.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

rose anti-aging serum

adapted from gorgeously green by sophie ulano

1 tsp vitamin e
10 drops lavender oil
10 drops absolute rose oil
10 drops geranium oil
almond oil filled the remainder of the 1 oz bottle

i added 10 drops rose hip seed oil ...... it's said that rose hip seed oil is natural anti-aging & is compared to retin-a.

i love this oil....... it has a light rose smell. it's not too much. not too greasy. and i swear my wrinkles fine lines are better. i know, i know. it's hard to be sure. but, i do love this. i put it on at bed time. in the winter, when my skin is drier, i'd use it in the morning too.

p.s. my sister, who doesn't like anything and rarely wears makeup. and definitely doesn't have a skin care routine, .......... said she liked this facial oil. ok, she's only 24 and doesn't need anti-aging. but, a compliment, nonetheless.

rose facial oil