Wednesday, July 7, 2010

weigh in wednesday 07 july

weigh in wednesday 07 july

my feet don't look very feminine. hm.
i usually like my feet. i have good arches. cute toes. i better get a pedicure. for next week. :)

i thought it sounded like a good idea 
....................... weigh in wednesday.............. 
it also leaves me very vulnerable. but, hopefully accountable, thus motivated.

so, i think i'll keep the discussion short, but offer an update on weight loss / statistics / etc. since this is our first weigh in wednesday, i'll include more stats than just weight.

height 5’5”
weight 163 lbs.
waist 30 3/4in
hips 41in
thigh 23 3/4in
bicep 12 1/2in

i have lost about 18 lbs since starting to eat primal in february. i have hovered at 163 +/- 3 lbs for about a month. harumph. but, i have had lots of cheating days............ mostly weekends (birthdays, holidays, wedding showers, etc). one week of vacation. 

so there it is. one of the most vulnerable sides of me.

happy wednesday.

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