Sunday, July 18, 2010

10th year anniversary!!!

10th year anniversary, originally uploaded by *** coleyB ***.
well, besides trying to move and play and live a primal lifestyle, i am also happily married. vibram boy and i were married 10 years ago...... technically not until thursday, july 22. but, we celebrated this weekend!!

we spent the night at a hotel in downtown dallas and had some lovely r & r........... which, really is an important part of the primal living idea. :)

we stayed at the crescent hotel. they knew we were celebrating our 10th anniversary and they treated us like royalty!!

the champagne and chocolate cake were in our room on arrival. :D

we took a yoga class friday afternoon. we got all checked in with only minutes to spare before class starting. but, we made it.

also, i was able to get a facial at a discount for a "same day service." oh man, i have had only one other facial before. totally worth it.

lather on some moisturizer..... wipe it off........ hot towel.......... more moisturizing.............more moisturizing............wipe it off towel............repeat x 6.

my skin did look really good. hm. how to keep it looking that good? weekly facials, right?

raspberry lemonade-ish.

finally, dinner. we had a lovely dinner at the crescent club. we had window seats and had amazing views of downtown dallas. drinks first. then dinner. the food was good. really good. it was quiet. romantic.

lucky texan

dallas out a window.

we had room service bring us breakfast saturday morning. oh man. i love room service. it's the first time i've had them wheel in the dining table. silver serving trays and all. oh i just loved it.

room service.

i spent the rest of the morning at the spa...........aaaahhhhh........ a massage. lovely. a pedicure. much needed (you've seen my feet recently.). and a manicure. haven't had one since my wedding. really.

r. and. r.

vibram boy spent the morning reading. in the hotel room. just as relaxing, i'm sure.

after the spa, we went swimming. the pool was gorgeous. had that 60's luxury style going........ loved it. it was a bit crowded. and the water was too warm. still loved it.

the pool.

finally time for check out.............. so we walked a few blocks (forgot that it was 100* outside...... the pool had been so nice.)...... to a cute local coffee shop. crooked tree coffee house. a few drinks and some hummus.

coffee shop date

we made a few more stops in dallas before heading home...... a thrift shop (buffalo exchange) and central market (oh, to live near a central market...... life would be perfect.....).

although our official dallas weekend was over, we had a wonderful dinner at our favorite indian restaurant. and finished off with a few hours at borders. our favorite "routine" date night.

i hope you all found some r & r this week also. i also hope you have someone who loves you as much as vibram boy loves me. i'm a lucky girl.
our 10th anniversary.our 10th anniversary.our 10th anniversary.our 10th anniversary.
happy sunday.
vibram girl..............who loves a little luxury every now and then.

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