Sunday, July 25, 2010

sorry boys..........

Diva Cup, originally uploaded by Freedom & Liberty.
i know this is personal. and, boys, feel free to move on to your next favorite blog and return here next week...........

besides being a bit personal, it's not very vibram or primal. well. but, it is. it falls under "sustainable living" and "smaller carbon footprint." and, when something is life changing, it needs to be shared. even celebrated.

God bless the diva cup.

i have known of the diva cup for years. you know, it's one of those things you'll see or hear about, but then, time goes on. in my defense, i did take birth control continuously for years, therefore avoiding any monthly cycle at all. nonetheless, i can't believe it took me so long to join the diva cup club.

now i am here to share with you how amazing it is! if you aren't using the diva cup (or moon cup or whatever else is out there...)....... go get one. for heaven's sakes for earth's sakes already!

the diva cup is a silicone cup that you insert vaginally and replaces having to use pads or tampons. you can wear it up to 12 hours at a time. it is "leak proof." everything i read about it raved about how easy, how comfortable and how great it was for sports / active lifestyles. i was hesitant and even grossed out at the thought of the diva cup at first. until i tried it.

i bought the size 2 diva cup from central market grocery store in dallas just days before i started this month's cycle. i read the instructions completely. well, the instructions in english. i also got online and found some discussion groups and forums. they helped with expectations and user tips. i would say, if you are comfortable with tampons, you should be comfortable with the diva cup.

the first few days were learning curve days..... just getting comfortable with how to insert the cup, where does it go, is it working, etc. i did trim the tip of my cup on day 2. that helped. it does sit low in the vagina, not up high near the cervix. once it's inserted, it creates a "seal."

i like the "7" insertion technique. around day 3, everything sort of clicked. fold, insert, rotate, double check and ..... voila. it was in. it was comfortable. it was safe. no leaks. in fact, i was way surprised how not messy it was. weird, right?

huge advantage is that in can be left in place 12 hours at a time. oh man, is that convenient! so, i placed it in the morning. removed it before bed. washed it, placed it back, and was good until morning.

and....... think of how earth friendly using diva cup is??? you are saving tons of waste from tampons and pads. and saving tons of $$$. ok, the initial investment fee buying your diva cup might seem a little steep, but really, in the long run, you and i both know we'll be saving money.

not that i (or anyone) ever looks forward to having a period, but at least i know i have my little diva cup waiting to make my life just the tiniest bit easier...... and tiny smaller carbon foot print......... and i can do yoga without worry. :-D

happy sunday!!!
vibram girl.

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