Monday, July 5, 2010

happy independence day!!!

well, of course, i would like to wish all of you, dear friends, a happy independence day. i hope you celebrated with friends and family....... and that no damage was done and no one went missing.

we did celebrate with friends and family. actually, my family ...... the parents and brother with girlfriend (darling girl)........ crashed the friends party. it was totally worth it. you should see this pool. whoa. it's good to have friends with nice pools.

once we had worn out our welcome, we returned home for a very non-primal dinner and fireworks..... details on that in a sec. it was at this point, that vibram boy wanted to stay with the other boys at the pool party. i have so far not mentioned the pineapple truth serum, the heineken, miller and rum and cokes. vibram boy does not drink often, but under a little peer pressure....... let's just say we are thankful the boys were safe, no damage was done and no one went missing.

the rest of us, had dinner on our little back patio and watched a lovely display of fireworks from right there! this is the first 4th of july for us in this house. we had no idea. we new the city display would be close, but i was anxious...... waiting to see if we could, in fact, see the fireworks from our house. from the front yard? back yard? roof top? hay field out back? what if we couldn't see them? it would be too late to find someplace where we could. i love fireworks. like i said.......anxious. but, then the first firework was seen ..... directly in front of our back door. sitting on the patio, eating dinner, we had the.perfect.view. oh, it was just perfect. so, i guess, next year we should host an independence day party.


as for vibram life............ i apologize for already being sparse with my posting. i will get my act together and post regularly. my goal is twice a week .......... but, i do ask for minimal expectations as i am just starting this blogging life.

happy monday.

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