why am i doing this?

update .............. june 2011 ...........

this is the beginning of our new adventures. here, i am going to share the stories, the pain, the sweat and the rewards of living a primal lifestyle. we have been eating primal (as beginners......with some not-so-primal days......) for about 5 months. we have not worked out in over a year. i have always been active, but it waxes and wanes over time. this is my new, public commitment to a primal lifestyle, including eating, moving and living primally.......inspired by www.marksdailyapple.com 

because, who doesn't want to look like this?

i will try to post workouts, meals (if i am brave enough, i will include recipes) and our journey as all entails. daily, maybe weekly.... we'll just have to see.  

i am not going to focus on the science behind the nutrition. i'll leave that for the professionals. check out my links!!! lots of good info and these people are way smarter than me. :)

i can't wait to have followers (even if it's only vibram boy or mom). regardless, i am going to use this blog for accountability and imagine people all over the world following in my journey and waiting for my next post. i hope my story will inspire you to follow your own healthy primal lifestyle. maybe..... one day....... i'll be able to post "before and after" pictures.......