Tuesday, February 15, 2011

seasonal depression

i know my words are empty.............. i had full intention of being a weekly blogger. updating on my life of eating meat and running through the grass. yet, i continue to fail. i am sorry for disappointing you blogland.

perhaps i am being a bit dramatic. and, i don't really have seasonal depression. at least, not a full clinical diagnosis of seasonal depression. but, i am having a terrible time overcoming inertia. i do blame old man winter. 2 weeks of snow and ice in d.f.w. is not normal. i am not coping well. again...... a bit dramatic. :)  but, i am not in the mood to workout. at all. i know, try something fun. go out and play. i don't want to. really. when i get home from work, mostly i want to go straight to bed. try to have a nice dinner. maybe practice ukulele.

i just want to lay there. we don't have cable. we do watch scrubs on dvd. it's taken me four years to watch all nine seasons. occassionally, we'll watch 30 rock or glee on hulu. regardless, it's just a waste of time until i can go to bed at 9pm. pathetic. and, i'm not depressed, but i am stressed.

so, i know this blog was suppose to be out primal lifestyle choices, but i am in a season of change and growth. i am trying to grow into my most magnificent self. but, with all growth, comes growing pains. right? my other passions are arts and crafts and being creative and silly. i love colors and textures. i love playing with paper and glue and glitter and ribbons and fabrics and yarns. i would love to blog about my creative adventures. although, as just discussed, with my current situation, i am in no place to take on that endeavor. even if i know it could be fabulous.

i also have dreams of living on a farm and raising goats and chickens. i want to make my own goat cheese. drink goats milk. grow vegetables. get my hands dirty. have sore shoulders from putting in my own fence. eat fresh eggs. sell my eggs at the local farmers market. sell handmade goat milk soap. as my new life and job opportunity sort themselves out, i am sure this is going to happen. and sooner, not later! :) this, i will blog about. but, not yet.

original by dottiedebsie

now, all this talk about not blogging enough and wanting to write on different topics, my sister and i have decided on a 2011 new year adventure. blogging together. we want to chronicle this year and trying to not buy things "made in china." start paying attention to wear things are made........ this is going to be a challenge. we may not be 100% compliant, but it has raised our awareness and hopefully we will encourage awareness in a few other people as well. is it a futile plan? we all know one person can make a difference. and what if we all tried just a bit........ it adds up. 100 pennies equals a $1.

original by mully410*images

so, i am asking you to forgive my pathetic blogging efforts at "a girl and her vibrams" but, please join me and follow along to see if me and my sister can live without china this year......... "conscious shopping is hard" (my sister gets full credit for our creative title. ha!)

happy tuesday,
vibram girl

p.s. i am still 153lbs. :)

p.p.s. so far, so good with my most my resolutions. except for working out / playing / moving more...... as you all know. i even floss.