Wednesday, November 3, 2010

weigh in wednesday. 03 nov 10.

woot!! i really can't believe it .............. 153!!! that is 27 lbs lost. not bad!

i have been so busy with the susan g komen 3 day walk that i honestly haven't been worrying about much else....... blogging, weighing, reading, sleeping........... but, i thought i'd weigh myself this morning. it's wednesday. then, what a lovely surprise!

it's funny..... in the beginning i was super aware of what i was eating and where my weight was. i tried not to weigh myself every day. i had to remind myself giving up grains was a lifestyle change with moral and personal reasons not just health reasons. giving up grains was not a d.i.e.t. this was about eeking my way into a sustainable lifestyle, eating for myself and the earth; supporting local economics, local farming, family business.

over the years i have had a hard time loosing weight. well, over the years, i slowly gained weight. eating a primal diet has physically changed me. i feel better. i don't get that "post prandial narcolepsy" = wanting to take a 3 hour nap after lunch. i slowly started to loose weight. not much at first, but even that was encouraging. then, time kept passing, and i kept loosing....... it's been about 8 months since vibram boy and i started trying to follow the primal lifestyle. 8 months!? sheesh. where has the time gone?'s only in the last month i've really noticed that i have actually lost weight. my clothes fit different. my clothes are falling off. :-D other people have noticed. i can tell i look different.... naked. i love it.

it's hard to explain.... i feel good. i know it's silly to think that happiness is dependent on weight. it's not. but, somehow there is the tiniest connection between the two. i suppose it is all wrapped up in my overall self esteem and the funny existence of my conscious and my subconscious self. i consciously know that i am more than what the scale says, or even what my clothes say. i know that health is not always reflected in weight. i know that there are an infinitie number of things more important than size or weight. but there are those moments, often subconscious, where the self criticism wins. so, knowing that i've dropped a few pounds, gone down a few dress sizes......makes me feel good.

i really didn't plan on this rambling. i was going to tell you how hard my team has been working to fundraise for the susan g komen 3 day walk. october was exhausting!! the 3 day walk is this weekend. THIS WEEKEND!!! 3 days. 60 miles. a sea of socks, pink hats, pink tents, and who knows what else..... all in the name of breast cancer. together, we can find a cure!

happy wednesday. happy november!!
vibram girl.


  1. Congratulations on the weight loss!

  2. Love the blog and a good friend is doing the Warrior Dash in TX. She just did one in PA and the pics are a riot. I will be back to see your progress on a very brave endeavor to post your weight in the blogosphere.

  3. So glad you're feeling good and happy! Good luck with the walk - you and your team are all doing such a great thing! 60 miles! Sheesh!

    P.S. I'm a Mondo Girl too!

  4. Yaay! Congratulations and keep up the good work!