Monday, December 13, 2010

3 days. 60 miles.

oh there is so much to talk about...................

the susan g komen 3 day walk was already over a month ago!! where does the time go? it was an incredible experience. for 3 days, women of all ages, sizes and abilities become professional athletes........ we walk. we have medics. we get wrapped, taped, iced. we walk some more. we have fans. we drink gatorade. we walk some more. and we keep walking to the finish.

3000 walkers. a sea of pink. one goal -- to find a cure for breast cancer. and why not??!! a fellow team member wrote this (and sums up the weekend pretty completely):

good morning dallas!

The 2010 Susan G. Komen Dallas/Fort Worth 3-Day for the Cure began on a chilly morning with an emotional Opening Ceremony at Collin Creek Mall. We were greeted right out of the gates by the first of 11 private cheering stations at the University of Texas at Dallas. Along the route, the Richardson fire department was out cheering and taking pictures with their pink t-shirts. We passed 4 local elementary schools throughout the day with children out to cheer. Lunch was at beautiful Valley View Park and was followed by a walk along the White Rock Creek Trail before we arrived at camp (at brookhaven college), our home away from home for the weekend.


We arose early on Saturday morning after a chilly night (about 40*..... coldest morning of the year to date...... nice......), ready to hit the Brookhaven College jogging trail. After pit stop 1 we crossed the first of 3 pedestrian bridges, where Citibank was cheering us on. There was a huge outpouring of community support along the way - more than 21 private cheering stations. The New Balance cheerleaders greeted us at pit stop 2 along with the school mascot of DeGolyer Elementary. Lunch was hosted at the Hockaday School grounds, and students were out cheering and helping direct traffic. As we passed the last public cheering station at Valley View Mall, we strolled by a continuous mile of private cheering stations - very invigorating! Next we headed into the town of Addison and into the Komen Corral at pit stop 4. We crossed the Addison suspension bridge and were on to the final stretch. That evening, we gathered back at camp for a Candy Coburn concert......... i skipped the concert. too exhausted.

We began our final day of walking with a warm bus ride to Ursuline Academy. Sunrise brought warmer weather in the 70s and bright skies. We enjoyed a scenic route through the gorgeous Highland Park area and another tremendous day of community support all along the route. We received many treats, stickers, bracelets, beads, water, candy and doughnuts. Lunch was at the beautiful Reverchon Park with a pink fire truck for all of us to sign and take pictures with. vibram boy met me for lunch! actually, he was at the morning cheer station.......... it was the only one i skipped on day 3. i skipped 2 miles. but, i missed vibram boy!!! and, he was all decked out in pink..... my pink robe, hoodie, hat, scarf, gloves.... i think it was everything pink he could find that would fit from my closet. and i missed it! :)


We exited lunch on Katy Trail and crossed into the historic West End. We passed the American Airlines Center, the JFK Memorial and Pioneer Plaza into pit stop 4 at Main Street Garden. The final miles took us through Deep Ellum (i was so pumped and there were so many people to cheer us on .... i could've run those last 5 miles!!!) and our incredible journey ended with a celebratory Closing Ceremony at Cotton Bowl Plaza with our friends and family there to greet us. the end of the journey was pretty amazing itself..... so many people were there to greet you at the finish. my parents, brother and vibram boy were all there for me!!



can i just say......... God bless the cheer stations!!! seriously, a good high five kept me going for miles!

happy monday............ more to come...........soon!!!
vibram girl

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