Wednesday, October 13, 2010

weigh in wednesday. 13 oct 10.

it's been a few weeks. mostly because there has been very little change. this week, i am down 2 more lbs. the scale reads 156. it's funny to get that little flutter of encouragement, even over just 2 lbs. :)

it's even better when clothes are fitting differently!!! this has been fun! my clothes are too big. my "go to jeans" are falling off. really. they are a size 12. i am shocked. and, it seems, like it changed over night. i don't know.

the clothes buried at the botttom of the closet for being "too small" ........ are slowly starting to make it back in full closet rotation. pants that are size 10's i haven't worn in 5 or 6 years! even dresses and skirts in size 8!

now, i'm not at the point of going shopping or ditching what i do have, but the changes are noticeable. i can't wait to have to shop for new clothes!!

happy wednesday!
vibram girl.

p.s. yes, my toes are still blue. i think i'm ready for a fall color..........


  1. Congratulations! And as for a great fall color, Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI

  2. ah nice!!! i will totally check out the nail color. thanks. :)