Monday, October 11, 2010

breast cancer awareness month!

i am sorry for not posting more frequently. oh man, i really want to be a good blogger and post every week with some wonderful primal story full of inspiration and lovely photos. just give me time.........

even today, i wish i had more to share. but, i will fill you in on this...... the month of october is breast cancer awareness month. breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women. your risk increases with age. i am on ob/gyn. i see breast cancer. i'm also a woman. a wife. a daughter. a sister. a niece. an aunt. and a friend. think of a world without breast cancer!! imagine the next generation not having to worry about breast cancer!! it's not impossible. it could happen. 

breast cancer awareness month...................this is perfect timing....................i am walking in the susan g komen 3 day for the cure in dallas. 3 days. 60 miles! nov. 5, 6 & 7.
walking is my way of supporting the research, local community programs and breast cancer education. i also like the idea of being challenged to walk 60 miles.

the downside? each walker is asked to raise $2300. the fundraising for this walk is consuming all of my free time!! i am walking with a team of 8 walkers................. that's a lot of money to raise. we have been selling raffle tickets. writing letters / emails asking for support. making phone calls to follow up. organizing restaurants to host benefit nights. it's been exhausting!! the next 3 weeks are our restaurant nights........... encouraging people to eat at designated establishmnets earning a percentage of their income for the day.

i know, i know...... from a primal perspective, encouraging people to eat out (and spend $) at chain restaurants?? not great. sorry. earning enough money to meet our fundraising requirements so my entire office can walk as a team?? good. very good. :) so, bear with me. it's a trade i'm willing to make this month.

my favorite fundraising event so far?...................a local yoga studio, urban yoga, hosted a karma class last friday............. donation only class, and all the proceeds went to "team boobie buster's". how perfect was that?!? i got to take a much needed yoga class on a friday afternoon AND i was fundraising!

the walk is in 4 weeks! we walk 20 miles each day. then, we camp. they set up 100's of pink tents. it's a giant slumber party!! they feed us. they hydrate us. they encourage us. they bandage our blisters and rub our sore muscles. they have hot water showers for us. people who have walked before tell me it is an event of a lifetime. there are so many stories of hope and faith, love, loss and inspiration. this is why i walk.

so, at least you know that part of my absence over the past few weeks has been for a good cause. :)

original art by mary beth freet
happy monday.
pink happy thoughts!!
vibram girl.

p.s. if you want to donate to susan g komen.... and support "team boobie busters" go to:

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