Monday, September 20, 2010

the jailbreak dash!


on sunday we did the jailbreak dash in roanoke, tx...... it was our first adventure obstacle course race.

what is the official term for that anyways?? "mud run" is sort of a brand name race. their is the mud run in dfw nov. 5-6. "adventure race" is more of the endurance racing with mountain biking, hiking, canoes, etc. so, these 5 k obstacle course races are ........... mini adventure races? obstacle course races? mud runs? let me know. i'd like to stay p.c. for now, i will call it a mud run (not the mud run, but a mud run).


anyways................ it was 3.8 mi. (isn't a regular 5 k = 3.1 mi??) we have not done a mud run before. we sort of knew what to expect, but not really. we didn't train for it. so, we just hoped for the best. we ran sunday afternoon. it was hot. :P

we had!!! really, it was such a blast! vibram boy and i stuck together. a lot of the obstacles were wading through mud puddles and ponds. lots of mud. a lot of running between obstacles. we did really good...... well, for us. we are not runners (and, as mentioned, did not train). we only took minimal running breaks..... like 1-2 min walking, maybe 3 times. we did have to slow down through some obstacles...............

let's see.............. best obstacle was a water slide, followed by a 50-100 meter river trek, then, a tire wall climb out of the river banks. that was awesome. ........ one of my best moments was jumping to the top of a huge tractor tire wheel! woot! couldn't believe i made it!!!

i think there were about 14 obstacles. i wish there had been 40!!! at the end was the classic belly crawl under barbed wire.........inevetible muddy mess!!!

you know, these crazy races, people sort of dress in costume. the jailbreak theme was pretty fun....... lots of black and white striped shirts "old prison" style, orange scrubs ..... a more contemporary "prison uniform." i wish i thought of these things ahead of time. i suppose with experience, i will also be able to plan "costumes." even the race volunteers kept up the theme..... there were random sirens and paint guns being fired (not at anyone, just to make noise). pretty funny.

all we did was wear matching tshirts. kinda cute, though, right?


we ran in our vibrams.......both of us wore kso's. did great! i did end up with a big fat blister on my toe. blergh. i've been researching how to prevent that from happening again. i still think regular tennis shoes would have been worse. i don't know how they stayed on their feet. sticky mud!!



we are doing another mud run in austin in november! warrior dash!!! there are a lot of these races around. woot! in fact, there are 3 others i can't make because of conflicting weekends. dang it.

it will be fun to see how well we do with a little more training and a little more experience!!

on a side note......... i haven't posted any weigh-in wednesdays, because i'm still stalled at 158#............... however, my clothes seem to be fitting even better now compared to a few weeks ago!!! add a little training and a little yoga........ nice. noticeable different!! pants i haven't worn in over 5 years!!! i am looking to see if i can find some pics to compare.........

we followed our jailbreak adventure with an afternoon in grapevine at the grapefest!!! lovely.

what beats a day of mud and wine??

happy monday!!
vibram girl.

vibram girl

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