Monday, September 13, 2010

oh it's been so long

and i have so much to tell you................

i'll work backwards........... vibram boy (v.b.) and i signed up for primal con 2011. it's april 15-17 in southern cali! woot! we are totally pumped about this.............. we haven't been before, but we are sure it's going to be great.

anybody out there with words of wisdom to share?

next, we committed to the primal challenge on mark's daily apple that started last week. we have been primal about 6 months, but this offers the opportunity for some accountability and challenging. :) but, like my blogging, i have not posted nearly as often as i had intended.

primal 30 day challenge
i live in my own land of dream and whimsy and picture myself posting everyday witty, encouraging posts....... here, on my own blog, and on mark's daily apple, and else where....... sharing my own meals and workouts and encouragement and success stories........... but life gets in the way, and it's hard to find time. and i'm not really that witty in person. and i don't have much of a success story........yet.

but, alas, i'm trying. and change has begun!!! inside and outside.

so, back to blogging...........

and, i did a lovely yoga retreat weekend!! 2 hours of baptiste (hot vinyasa flow) friday night. a 90 min bicycle ride saturday morning. another 2 hour baptiste session. lunch. then, a 2 hour yin yoga (deep stretch).

yoga retreat

electra bicycle and yoga friends.

it was so lovely. quaint little downtown about 30 min from home in an old 100 year old building's loft space. friday night was a candlelight class!! the bike ride was through the town park and lake. the whole retreat was so nice.

then, as a side note, we had a downtown open house. we had so much fun. saw lots of people we knew. had dinner with wonderful people. and........ i won a 2 night stay at a bed and breakfast. woot!

i played in a pool sunday afternoon.

and, we worked out this morning. v.b. got the garage all fixed up for our workout area. nice!

today we did:
5 kettlebell snatches
5 kettlebell swings
10 burpees
...... 5 rounds. for time.

workout of the day. mon. 13 sept.

fun!! so, there we are. first garage workout........... 6am. first real work out in a. lloonnggggg. time.


6am. first workout.

not a flattering pic....... remember 6am. no makeup. bad posture. feeling very vulnerable.....

i also did yoga tonight, although that wasn't really on our plan. we do plan to do yoga tuesdays and thursdays. sprints on fridays and heavy lifting on saturdays. tentative plan of course. :) but, it feels good to have a schedule.

and, last but not least, i wanted to share that we also signed up for some of those mud run obstacle course races. our first one is this sunday. 5k. mud. obstacles. the jailbreak run. i'm nervous, but i know it will be fun. we are also doing the warrior dash in november!!! ohmigosh..............what have i gotten myself into!?!?!

Warrior Dash 2010 - Low Crawl - Women & Mud

i'd love to hear from you..........have you been to primal con? are you doing the primal challenge? have you done mud runs before??

happy monday!!!!
vibram girl.

go out for adventure

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