Wednesday, August 25, 2010

weigh in wednesday 25 aug 10

looks like the scale says 158. right? maybe 159?? still, i'll take it.

i'd like to see more weight loss. i seem to be stalling. i know i know..... move more. ugh....... i just seem to be lacking motivation to overcome inertia. actually, i feel like i'm lacking motivation period. ever have those blue days?....... i'm stuck in a blue month.

this is good accountability. :) so, i will continue to share despite feeling vulnerable.

i pray that you are having bright days............... health, peace and sweet content be yours (shakespeare).

happy wednesday.
vibram girl

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  1. Hey there! I think this is my first time posting. That's 2 lbs since your last weigh-in! Nothing shabby bout that!