Sunday, August 22, 2010

texas sized yoga class

texas size yoga class, originally uploaded by *** coleyB ***.
saturday, august 21 we celebrated world grooves weekend with a texas sized yoga class at dallas cowboy stadium.

i love yoga.

there were about 400 yogis..... of all ages .... a few toddlers to teens to my mom's friend who is nearly 80 years old (she mostly wanted to tour cowboy stadium). vibram boy and i have been doing yoga 2 times a week this summer. i couldn't talk v.b. into the cowboy stadium event.............. and no, he could not care less about being at the stadium............

so, i went with a few friends from class. we got there nice and early and knew everyone else that showed up early. i think it was knowing people and being early, that somehow landed us front and center. litearlly. front row (um..... i am definitely not a front row person. i'm more of a back row-er). on the 50 yard line. ok, that was kinda cool. i just did yoga on the 50 yard line of dallas cowboy stadium. even my dad and brother's will think that's cool.

set up

brooke hinkle from indigo yoga led our class.

wade morisette........... twin brother to alanis morisette (yes, really)...... played music during yoga and then led us through some core work and savasana. then some kirtan (sing along yogi style).

wade morisette

wade morisette

it was kinda fun. i've been to lots of yoga classes. even live music classes. but doing this kind of big event and the kirtan at the end....... it just gives you that feeling of community. like we are bigger than we are. brooke kept talking about feeling "the shift" inside, so we could be "the shift" to the rest of the world. good words to live by.

this summer we have been doing hot, power, vinyasa yoga..... baron baptiste syle. i love it. the heat allows for that deep, warm stretch. aaahhh...... it feels so good. breathe. sweat. a lot of sweat.

and unrelated to saturday's events, vibram boy bought me some yoga treats!!!! can i get a "woot!!!"? 2 (not 1, but 2!!) tops from lululemon and the mat. the mat. it's also by lululemon and is the first truly non-slip mat i've ever found!!! it is ah.mazing. and i love it. it will change my yoga forever. i can't wait to sweat it out!!!

lululemon treats!

happy stretching. breathing. sweating. laughing. and shifting.
happy sunday.
vibram girl

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