Wednesday, August 4, 2010

weigh in wednesday 04 aug

weigh in wednesday 04 aug 10

i am new to blogging, so please forgive me for my delayed post!!!

i am learning to blog a little each day, with plans to post 2 x week. so, you are there to keep me accountable. :)

today is weigh in wednesday.
04 aug 10
same. no change.

i had a pretty good week. i am feeling pretty good. last week i was t.i.r.e.d. but, that was from a hard week at work. we ate well......oohh... i did have pizza on saturday night. (at a roller derby match. awesome.)

my only activity last week was yoga. vibram boy and i do hot vinyasa yoga 2 x week. i did do an extra class on saturday.

just a quick weigh in post. and, we continue on this journey ...... waiting to see what will happen next.

happy wednesday!

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