Wednesday, June 1, 2011

weigh in wednesday. 01 june 11.

weigh in wednesday. 01 june 11.
154lbs. ok.

on with bigger news........................

today is my birthday. and, even better, robbo and i share a birthday!!! woot woot!!!

we are, in fact, the exact same age. robbo is older by 24 minutes. and, we have been celebrating our birthday together since we turned 16. how great is it to celebrate the best day ever, with the best person ever!?!? i am the luckiest girl in the world.

16th birthday

happy birthday darling

i think birthday's are important. i suppose this is influenced by the fact that i'm an obstetrician and get to celebrate's every day (or maybe believing in birthday's is what led me to be an ob??). what an honor it is to share these moments with my patients! no matter how many deliveries i've done, for this patient, this is a moment of a life time. it's history. it's a moment those parent's (and grandparent's and aunt's and uncle's and brother's and sister's) will never forget. and i get to be there. i love it.

and, we should celebrate every year. celebrate all that we've lived through. all the milestones we've overcome. all the adventures we have yet to experience. it's your day. it's a day to celebrate the importance of your existence. it's a declaration that you matter. that you are here and making a difference. who cares about age and how old you are?? those are just numbers. there is wisdom with age. there is dignity with wisdom. your beauty is more than skin deep. this is about celebrating you. the deep, inside, beautiful, brave you!!! so, celebrate with me. and robbo. :)

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happy birthday to me! to robbo! to us!

we turned 36 years old this morning. we have spent 20's together! i can't wait to spend the next 50 together!!!

happy wednesday,

p.s. other details............. robbo was born at 6:27am central standard time. 6 weeks premature. i was born at 6:54am pacific standard time. on my due date. it was destiny.


  1. Happy and healthy birthday both of you!

  2. What a great post! Congrats! The mud run looked like fun as well. :)

    How neat to be surrounded by birth as well. What a cool job! I know the experience changed me.