Sunday, June 12, 2011

cheek stain

i found this recipe at the velvet bird and knew i had to try it........... i love making homemade bath & beauty products, and i love stains. perfect.

this was so. easy.

2 medium size beets
3 tblsp of glycerin

robbo chopped the beets into 1 - 2 inch cubes. we put the beets and the glycerin in a medium size stainless steel mixing bowl. we created a double boiler by placing this mixing bowl over a medium size pot with water ..... filled it about 1/3 full. we stirred the beets every few minutes and heated it about 20 minutes. then, we strained the beets which left a lovely, dark, red glycerin stain. we let it cool and then bottled it up! i happen to have saved this little bottle ..... think it holds about 3 oz. it was the perfect size.

diced beets.

double boiled for 20 min.

homemade cheek stain

cheek (& lip) stain

saturday. 11 june 11.

if you are wondering why robbo helped with this little project ............. 1. he's the king of the kitchen. 2. he doesn't exactly trust me to chop and boil anything. 3. he's the king of the kitchen.

happy sunday!!

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