Monday, January 10, 2011 i come.............

i know this is totally cliche, but i am stating my new year's resolution for the world to see....... and, yes, i am one to believe in new year's resolutions. it's the perfect time to assess the closing year, looking forward to the year ahead.

what am i going to do differently this year? right now, in 2011? how can i be a better me?

1. continue to live a primal lifestyle. to fine tune my primal eating habits. holidays are over. no more cheating.
2. to eat locally. seasonally. to eat at home.
3. to move more. play more. jump, run, hike, bike.
4. to do more yoga.
5. to learn to stand up paddle board.
6. take care of myself...........massage, home facials, more bubble baths.
7. continue ukulele lessons
8. stop buying things made in china. lofty goal? maybe. but, at least i'll make an effort and be more aware.
9. no parabens. no pthalates. no sulfates.
10. floss

i could probably go on, but i'll keep this list as my NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS and not state my entire self manifesto or list of life long mondo beyondo dreams.

i may not be 100% successful, but i'm gonna try............. so, c'mon 2011...... bring it..........

dandelion by citybumpkin

happy monday.
vibram girl

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