Wednesday, August 11, 2010

weigh in wednesday. aug 11.

i'm gonna go with 159 1/2 lbs .......... right?

well, it's a good 2 lbs. less from last week!!! woot!!!

no big changes in my eating. i guess i tried to cheat less. ;) we did yoga on tuesday, but missed thursday's class.

my clothes are fitting better. noticeably better. even my skivvies..... really. how's that for encouraging!!??

i've never been one to really follow my weight or watch the scales. watching the scale can be discouraging. such small changes. but, to also see a difference in the mirror, and in my clothes, and complements at work.......... that is really nice. makes me want to eat better and move more and see what can really happen!!

i've also set a few goals.......... when i reach 155 lbs. i'm buying myself a treat..........this super cute yoga skort by beckon's organic clothing ........... is next week too soon?? it's just so cute. and i love skorts.

beckon's organic yoga skort!

and me and vibram boy are going to primal con 2011!! can i get a high five!?!?! who else is going!?!? and what could be more motivating than that!?!?!?

bring it on primal con!!!

happy wednesday.
vibram girl

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