Tuesday, August 17, 2010

beggs and acon.

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so i thought i'd share a few of my favorite primal meals!!! oh man, let's just start by saying i heart bacon.

we eat eggs and bacon 2 or 3 times a week. we affectionately call it beggs and acon. yum! ................ you should know, vibram boy does all the cooking. God bless him................. he cooks the bacon in the oven. eggs? well it just depends. scrambled. fried. omelets. hard boiled. whatever. they are delish! vibram boy's scrambled eggs are ah.mazing. he adds a little milk or cream to keep 'em fluffy. and he swears the secret to amazing scrambled eggs is to cook them slowly over a lower heat. patience. yummy-licious. and always add cheese.

a few other favorites.........
stuffed peppers. and stuffed squash. this was inspired after a morning at the farmer's market where there was a recipe for squash stuffed with sausage. we didn't even keep that recipe, we just decided to wing it...... but that was the inspiration. we bought some lovely squash. and peppers. v.b. whips up some ground italian sausage, tomato paste and seasonings. stuffs the peppers (or squash) with cream cheese at the bottom, then the sausage mix, topped with more cheese. sometimes it has more of a mexican flair. sometimes italian. always super de.lish. i could eat this every night for dinner. and it's the kind of super de.lish that gets better as a left over!!! day 2 is ahmazing. :)

stuffed peppers

last week we made bacon wrapped, cream cheese filled jalapenos. they were spicy. whoa. oh, but so yummy!!! we did full jalapenos, instead of halves. we'll try halves this week. oohh.... and maybe stuff the jah.lepenos with sausage too!!!

we have a delicious primal pizza...... we like the almond flour crust best. i like the cauliflower crust ok too, but v.b. likes the almond flour crust best. toppings.... whatever you're in the mood for. if you have all your ingredients, making your own pizza really doesn't take that much more time than ordering from a gluten/greasy/salty pizza shop. and, ours is primal and even yummier!


i have to admit we did try the meatza pizza......... a meat crust for your pizza. it was good, but...... it tasted like a yummy meatloaf. not a yummy pizza. sometimes i want pizza (mom said i'd out grow my love for pizza. hm. not yet.).

another favorite is just a tapas kinda dinner.......... cheese, salami, olives, etc. it's fast. it's easy. it's delicious. set up the t.v. to watch a few episodes from season 1 of "freaks and geeks" and have a plate of tapas. perfect.

cheese and salami

oohh... classic cabbage and sausage. i could eat 2 lbs. of this. i try not to eat at work for lunch. just at home for dinner. cabbage is stinky. :) but i have recently decided i love sausage almost (almost) as much is i love bacon. so this is another meal i could eat over and over. and over.

v.b.'s favorite......... 40 cloves of garlic chicken. he roasts a whole chicken with 40 cloves of garlic. it is delicious. and garlic-y. it also is a super yummy leftover dinner.

and last, but most certainly not least, spaghetti squash as spaghetti. i miss spaghetti dearly, so this has become my solace. v.b. makes our own spaghetti sauce. a little italian sausage. somedays i add ricotta cheese, some days i don't. i always add parmesean.

so, i know when talking about primal eating everyone dairy products can create heated discussions. for now we are ok with dairy. no digestive problems with dairy and we don't over do it.

for my friends who think i'm crazy for giving up grains....... i always say it's worth the bacon!!!

what are some of your favorite primal meals???

happy monday!!!!
vibram girl

p.s. confession........ i don't like fish. any fish. but..... i am really trying to overcome this. for now, i'm using mental imagery to face my fears. this is a slow process and will take time. but i'm working on it. one day.
one day.

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