Tuesday, June 1, 2010

rose anti-aging serum

adapted from gorgeously green by sophie ulano

1 tsp vitamin e
10 drops lavender oil
10 drops absolute rose oil
10 drops geranium oil
almond oil filled the remainder of the 1 oz bottle

i added 10 drops rose hip seed oil ...... it's said that rose hip seed oil is natural anti-aging & is compared to retin-a.

i love this oil....... it has a light rose smell. it's not too much. not too greasy. and i swear my wrinkles fine lines are better. i know, i know. it's hard to be sure. but, i do love this. i put it on at bed time. in the winter, when my skin is drier, i'd use it in the morning too.

p.s. my sister, who doesn't like anything and rarely wears makeup. and definitely doesn't have a skin care routine, .......... said she liked this facial oil. ok, she's only 24 and doesn't need anti-aging. but, a compliment, nonetheless.

rose facial oil

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