Thursday, June 1, 2000

daily milk cleanser

daily milk cleanser
1 tbsp powdered goats milk
1 tbsp oat flour
this is from beauty secrets of the Bible, by ginger garrett. 

the original recipe from the book called for quick cook oats instead of oat flour. i had oat flour on hand. if you use real oats instead, grind them into a fine "flour" could use a food processor or even a spice grinder.

i love this cleanser. i use it every morning. has a kind of mild, sweet milk smell (good. not spoiled milk). i just shake a little into the palm of my hand and wet my finger tips until it's easy to massage around. rinse with warm water.

this is stored in a 2oz glass bottle. mine is blue, but i don't think it has to be in a light protected bottle. any air tight storage container should suffice.

daily milk cleanser.

gentle facial exfoliating scrub
½ c. powdered milk
1 c. ground oatmeal
½ c. dried lavender
2 tsp cornmeal

this recipe is from gorgeously green by sophie uliano.

since this has the cornmeal added it is much more exfoliating. i can't use this one everyday. it's just a bit too harsh for daily use. 

i actually used ¼ c. powdered buttermilk. ¼ c. powdered goats milk. just thought it sounded good. i also used a spice grinder to grind 1/4 c. of the dried lavender.......... 

gentle exfoliating cleanser

you'll start to recognize a pattern...... i take most my recipes as "suggested" recipes. but, i'll improvise based on currently stocked supplies, or ease of finding supplies, or reading other similar recipes and melding my own, or just because. you know how that goes....... sometimes it works. sometimes it doesn't.

let me know what you think and please, share your own recipes!!!

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