Sunday, July 31, 2011

a new adventure.........

thank you for following my journey into primal living over the last year........ please join me in my new big adventure ..........

i have started a new blog:

robbo and i are moving to 63 acres in west texas..... the 63 acres is covered in mesquite trees, prickly pear cactus, a few oak trees and 4 cows. we are both city kids with dreams of becoming farmers. as of tomorrow, august 1, we start our new adventure!!!

over the next few weeks we will be moving. we are still trying to sell our house. still looking for our airstream (that's the new "home"). still don't have an office to work in with my new job (i have the job, but the office isn't finished being built). august is going to be busy. :)

so, the new blog will be the tales of our new life. from the beginning. with blood, sweat and tears. and sunshine, dirt, an airstream and love ........ who's with me!?!?! 

hope to see you there!!!

happy sunday,


  1. Good luck on your move!! I too am in West Texas (well West/Central Texas..) and have an abundance of mesquite, cactus & the ever dreaded bull nettle!

    Will you be keeping this blog going as well or strictly doing the new blog?

  2. LOVE my vibrams and what a great blog!!

    Check out my journey to 365 WODs and 365 Beers in 365 Days at

    Lots of workouts, Paleo recipes, and craft beer talk...what's the sense in working so hard if you can't enjoy a good beer at the end, right?