Wednesday, May 18, 2011

weigh in wednesday. 18 may 11.

it's been forever since a weigh in wednesday, right?

so, the truth of the matter is that before primal con, robbo & i started sliding. we were probably 80/20 primal most days, but the 60/40 or the 50/50 days got to be more and more frequent....... i was back up to 160 lbs just before primal con.

and, here we are about 4 weeks out since primal con and back to 155 lbs..... still not my lowest ...... i feel good. we have done really well the last 4 weeks. i think we've really been 100% primal since primal con. and we are playing and moving more than we have in long time....... frisbee. sprints. primal blueprint fitness challenge. slackline. whatever else sounds fun..... i am anxious to see how things continue to change as we continue to live primally......

18 may 2011.

i hope you noticed i added a few new tabs also......
books ........ my favorite books. some life changing. some still worth recommending.
deliciosity ...... favorite foods. favorite recipes. :)
soaps & such ....... favorite d.i.y., eco friendly recipes for bath, beauty & cleaning.

happy tuesday,

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  1. It's worth mentioning that since PrimalCon you've improved your performance on "Lift Heavy" day consistently each week, and your clothes are getting baggier... so the scale may not be super exciting... but it doesn't tell the whole story... you've increased muscle while losing 5lbs. overall... so you've lost MORE than 5lbs. of bad weight. And you're a cutie :D:D:D