Friday, April 29, 2011

and finally.....

primalcon 2011 day 3........

so.sore. but, also already a little sad to know this is the last day..... we did spend a little time packing up this morning.

another breakfast at the hotel. this morning.... just bacon. and a glass of milk.

we started with a little vitamove with angelo. i needed it. start moving with a little intention, nice and slow. ah.....

photo courtesy of primalcon 2011

there was an obstacle course set up. you could tell most of us were sore and tired. we were all moving pretty slow. we mostly sat around and visited. people slowly migrated over to the obstacle course. again, mind and body challenges. it'd be super fun to set something like this up at home. :)
photo courtesy of primalcon 2011

photo courtesy of primalcon 2011

photo courtesy of primalcon 2011

it was our last chance to visit with each other and with our camp counselors. we had an impromptu educational session with mark. he was very patient and answered questions and had kinda that round table discussion. kinda fun.

photo courtesy of primalcon 2011

one last snack lunch and a few closing words by mark.

just like summer camp...... super anxious about camp starting, and super sad to say goodbye. it was only 3 days, but it was an ah.mazing time. if you've read through some of the comments on mark's daily apple, a lot of people said that hanging out with each other was the best part of primalcon. it was just awesome to be surrounded by other like minded people. to not have to worry about food. to eat good food. to share stories of how we came to be primal and the effect it's had on us. truly inspiring!

i already can't wait for next year! how fun would it be to make friends and to meet up at primal camp once a year!?

and, since you know, i've been home almost 2 weeks (where does the time go?!)...... vibram boy and i have kept our momentum...... eating primal 100%. no cheats. and moving more....... we're getting there!!

this week we have already slacklined (bought a ratchet line at home depot.... i know. i know. it doesn't have the safety features that we need, but we're slow and cautious beginners....... let's see what we think for a while, then we'll order the "real" one.). we played frisbee. we did the primal blueprint fitness assessment and started on our workout plan based on how we did.... i will post more on this over time. we went for some walks. overall, it's been a really good 2 weeks. we feel good and we are still feeling the momentum from primalcon.

i have to say it again, thank you to mark and brad and all the camp counselors and special guests and all the behind the scene helpers. it was a life changing event! see you next year!!

happy primalcon sunday ;)
vibram girl

p.s. we took melodius (back to houston) and mads (back to norway!) to the l.a.x. airport with us. worked out great and was a fun way to end our trip.

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