Thursday, March 31, 2011


just to share.................. vibram boy and i were registered to run in the fort worth peacemaker last saturday, march 26. we were in the 11:00am wave. we got to the assigned parking lot around 10 am............. with no buses or shuttles in sight. only a large crowd of what looked like r.o.t.c. high school kids practicing their drill lines. no worries........we drove over to trinity park................. still, no racers. we called luke's locker, the site to pick up race packets on earlier in the week............ they had no idea what we were talking about. God bless iphones........ we got online. checked the peacemaker website............. called the listed number. only now realizing that there had been no twitter or facebook updates since august. hm. we got dissed.

i'm not sure what happened. i do know what did not happen..... the peacemaker on march 26. who let us register?? how come we were the only one's looking for a non-existent race? shady.

all was not lost....... we had a lovely day in fort worth. :)

next mud run is the hell run in austin on april 30. and, vacation is around the corner!!

happy thursday.
vibram girl

Monday, March 21, 2011

newest member of the vibram family

it has been a good few weeks!!!

vibram boy and i have been working out. last week we ran, did some cross training and / or did hot, vinyasa (power) yoga every day last week! :) oh, it feels good! and we have recommited to eating primal .... no cheats. :)

we are doing the peacemaker obstacle course mud run next saturday. it is 6 miles !?!?! uh.oh. i realize our training last week is probably too little too late. but it's a mud run. it'll be fun! right? :)

there are about 8 more mud run's i'd like to do this spring..... april and may are full of 'em! i haven't talked v.b. into doing a mud run every weekend in may, yet. there are some good one's.......... dfw mud run. austin's hell run. hill country jailbreak. fort worth juggernaut. and there's still more!!! if it keeps us moving, i'm gonna keep signing us up for mud runs! :)

and.................. we are going to primal con in less than a month. how's that for inspiration!?! a weekend with mark sisson and the crew from mark's daily apple.... i know there is no pressure to be mr. & mrs. grok. i know it will be fun. i also know we are going to eat right and move more right up until primal con! :)

in light of all this excitement i celebrated by adding a new member to our vibram family. a first cousin really. i bought the new balance minimus trail............. they have a vibram sole. there is only a 4 mm heel to toe drop (traditional running shoe is closer to 12 mm drop). they have a wide toe base...... you can spread your toes as if you were barefoot. i mean really spread 'em. i tried it.  i love my five fingers (kso)........... but, they are my pinkie toe is little and curls in. specifically, on my right foot there is no toe spread between my 4th & 5th toe. they aren't webbed, but that little pinkie toe doesn't move. thus, getting into my five fingers is a struggle. they are perfectly comfortable. the new balance offers the same barefoot running idea, but i won't break my pinkie toe getting my shoes on. it's a :)

love 'em.

i have also been blogging with my sister here:

keep moving!! happy monday.
vibram girl